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The Piano Collection – Chris Huelsbeck Productions

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Ludovico Einaudi - Una mattina FULL ALBUM

The sound of a fine wooden bow. The strength of carbon fiber. The style of a Ferrari.

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Create an Account Login. Each section is a brief study of a masked reveller at a carnival, a last go-round before the sacrificial Lent period takes hold.

Oltmanns takes no prisoners in her approach, taking a work that Chopin himself shied away from into a tour de force performance. As I listened, I wonder if Schumann had any unfinished business, being that he battled depression for much of his life. Since these movements are reminiscent of funeral music, Oltmanns sensitively phrases with intense reflection.

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Sandwiched between the romantic piano works are three newly commissioned pieces by South African composer James Wilding. These brief pieces serve as interludes, moving the album forward while providing tormented, slightly claustrophobic musical statements on their own merit.