Another Chance At Love

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But Disha felt restless. Suddenly she felt two strong hands engulfing her slim waist from behind.

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She turned around and found Varun's lips just inches away from her. Her body started shivering and she looked at him with fright.

Varun saw the terror in her eyes and quickly released her. He stepped back and gazed at her intently. He then said, "I think we should know each other first before taking our relationship further. So what's the problem? And then the unthinkable happened. Rohan slapped her!

Where Guys Go Wrong When Trying to Get a Second Chance With an Ex Woman

Before Disha could fathom anything she saw Rohan at her feet begging for forgiveness. Rohan and Disha had met in the university campus. Both of them lived in separate PG accommodations far away from their homes. Disha thought that she had found the love of her life. They had even decided to get married right after Disha finished her studies. But Rohan's sudden violet tempers and his patriarchal thinking sometimes made Disha doubt her decision.

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Rohan had begged her forgiveness after he hit her the first time. He had cried and Disha had melted. The second time he tried raising his hand she had been saved by the arrival of her friends. It was only because of her friends and family that she was able to come out of the abusive relationship. Unfortunately, she had to leave the university midway so that she could permanently close the chapter of Rohan. As days drifted into months, Disha slowly started realizing that her husband was a good man.

He not only helped her prepare for the entrance exams but also stood to wait outside as she wrote her exams. Varun was a man of few words. But his actions spoke for themselves. He didn't give her flowers or expensive gifts. But his love and affection for Disha were clearly evident in the way he firmly grasped her hand in the crowd or came to her rescue when she had difficulty understanding the foreign accent. He introduced her to his friend circle and soon Disha made new friends.

Disha could clearly see the difference between Varun and Rohan. She now knew that Varun would never hurt her. In fact she felt lucky to have got a husband like Varun. But there was a part of her which still held her back. And it was a source of constant struggle with herself.

It was one such morning when Disha woke up feeling tired and groggy. She hadn't slept the entire night. The shadows of her past refused to go away. Feelings of guilt and a sense of injustice towards Varun had taken away her peace of mind. Warily she went to the large window of her bedroom and pushed the curtains aside.

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  • The first snow of the season. Instantly, Disha's mood lifted up. Being a movie buff she had always wanted to watch snowfall and feel the snowflakes on her face. Maybe even make a snowman! A few yards away, the making of a snowman was already on its way.

    Second Chance at Love

    Her small five-year-old neighbor was jumping up and down with delight. The man wrapped in a black overall rolled another ball of snow in its place and turned around. Disha froze. It was none other than her husband.

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    She couldn't believe that her reserved and silent husband was laughing heartily with a little boy. An image of Disha, Varun and a small child laughing and playing in the snow cropped up in Disha's mind. She suddenly realized that she too wanted a family of her own where she would be loved and cherished. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at the laughing and kind face of her husband.

    The black ominous cloud of her past disappeared and she felt free. She quickly put on her coat and walked outside to join the duo. The approaching figure of Disha caught Varun's eyes and he stared at her. For the first time, he saw the love on his wife's face which he had yearned for so long.

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    Many women who go through an abusive relationship lose trust in men and don't want to tread the same path once again. However, all men are not the same. There are those who inflict a wound and there are others who heal them with their love, understanding, and patience. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author.

    They do not necessarily reflect the views of Momspresso. Any omissions or errors are the author's and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them. Read More. Explore Mycity4kids Meet Our Contributors. GOT IT. Another Chance At Love! Aug 11, Manideepa Mukherjee. Disha couldn't believe what she just heard. A faraway voice rang in her ears. I'll enquire and find out the procedure for the same.

    Disha was still trembling. Images from her past flashed in front of her eyes. The confidence she was attracted to him when they first fell in love had turned into insecurity. He spent too much time trying to please her rather than getting her to be a good woman for him, so she felt like she could walk all over him. He became too boring and predictable and expected her to be happy to be stuck in a go-nowhere-fast routine for the rest of their lives together. After figuring out what really turned her off, he thought about how he could change that and make her regret leaving him. He then got her on a phone call and used some humor to make her feel happy and relaxed to be talking to him again.

    Yet, I think we still have some catching up to do. I will be available from about 4 p. What suits you best? Today at 4pm, or tomorrow morning? At the meet up, he continued to say and do the things that proved to her he was a new and improved man e. As a result, she naturally felt respect and attraction for him and decided to give him a second chance. I need some time alone to figure things out and see if I still have feelings for you.

    Please just leave me alone. Then, rather than trying to stop her from leaving e. I love you and want to be with you, but I accept your decision. I wish you the best of luck.

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    By responding in that way, he automatically planted seeds of doubt in her mind about her decision to break up the relationship. From there, he cut off all contact with her for a week, giving her enough time to calm down and start missing him. By asking himself questions like that, he was able to zone in on what he really needed to change to re-attract her. Then, after a week of space, he called his ex on the phone and re-attracted her based on the changes he knew would impress her, or at least get her to drop her guard a little.

    Yet, rather than feeling anxious, insecure and beginning to doubt himself, he remain calm and used humor to ease the tension between them. At the time, I believed it was impossible for him to change how I felt, but he has proven me wrong.