Evidences of Christianity

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About William Paley. William Paley. One wonders if they would not devote even more time to the subject of Christian evidences than they already did in their writings.

In response, Christians made a concerted effort to ensure that their congregations were well-equipped to defend the truth concerning pure New Testament Christianity. Due to the threat the Church is facing, we would do well to spend as much time studying Christian evidences in the Church as we do denominationalism and liberalism. Mark it down: the time is rapidly approaching when the threat of denominationalism will be significantly less of a threat to the Church compared to naturalism. Are we equipped to contend for the faith? I know of members of the Church who see no need to spend much time on the subject of Christian evidences, and by implication, they see no need to be prepared to teach others Christian evidences.

Evidence of Christianity

Christian evidences is unnecessary. Perhaps for many people it is the case that they do not need to have answers to faith challenges like naturalism—Darwinian evolution and the Big Bang; they do not need to be treated to a survey of the many evidences that support the Christian faith; but according to the statistics, many others do.

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With Scripture, humanity certainly has what it needs to know how to live life the way God wants us to—how to live a godly life 2 Peter But we are also commanded to be able to defend the truth from false doctrines eroding the faith of the Church cf. How can we do so without examining the evidences for and against Christianity? Several passages speak to that truth, with Romans perhaps being the premier passage on the subject. Scripture tells us that we can learn about God by studying astronomy Genesis , cosmology Psalm , and geology Job Disciplines covered included physics, oceanography, nomology, optics, meteorology, and biology—including zoology, ornithology, entomology, herpetology, botany, and marine biology.

Studying Christian evidences is crucial in this day and age if we wish to stand against the naturalistic tide sweeping the country and influencing the youth of our day. A study of Christian evidences is authorized by God. In fact, a study of Christian evidences is mandated by God.

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And it should be noted that studying Christian evidences is the logical, rational thing to do. The importance of evidence cannot be understated. In the field of philosophy, there is a general rule that is followed if a person wishes to be rational: the Law of Rationality. It says that one should only draw those conclusions that are warranted by the evidence. Unlike fideism i. Rather, he was in error for having been witness to more evidence of the truth than nearly anybody who had ever lived or ever would live, and yet he still disbelieved, requiring even more direct observational evidence than he had already received John Most do not and will not Matthew It is their own choice, but it is not because God has not provided enough evidence to come to the truth.

Rather, they have rejected the evidence which is readily available, due to their own personal motives. Biblical faith is not blind, and yet God still expects us to come to the conclusion that He exists, that the Bible was ultimately authored by Him, and that Jesus is His divine Son, in spite of the fact that we cannot directly observe God or directly witness the confirming miracles and signs that Jesus did to authenticate His message.

The implication is that God has given us sufficient evidence to be able to know these things, and He expects us to dig for and study that evidence. And that is the point of Christian evidences. Fideism has lent credibility to arguments like this one, and rational people rightly reject religion and Christianity in particular when theists promote having an irrational, blind faith. With every breath he inhaled and every stroke his pen made, evidence of the Christian faith was entering his body and radiating from it.

We cannot see, taste, touch, hear, or smell gravity, and yet we have a mound of evidence that supports its existence. The nature of the evidence is indirect , rather than direct, but it is evidence none-the-less. Much of science especially historical sciences like geology, paleontology, cosmology, evolutionary biology, etc. Forensic scientists attest to that basic truth on a daily basis. They enter the scene of a crime and can determine what crime occurred, who committed the crime, when they committed it, how they committed it, and oftentimes even why they did it, without having personally observed the event.


As previously mentioned, Christian evidences centers on three pillars at the most basic level: the existence of God, the inspiration of Scripture, and the deity of Christ. Apologetics is generally tied to Christian evidences as well—defending the biblical model that stems from those three fundamental planks. The following general topical outline results:.

God exists: Although we cannot directly observe God, several lines of evidence exist that lead one to the logical conclusion that He exists. The Ontological, Intuitional, and Aesthetic Arguments are seen less frequently, though they continue to provide valid evidence for God as well. The primary response to the existence of a God argument is made by the naturalists i. They say the Universe came about solely naturally.

The Big Bang Theory and Darwinian evolution are generally invoked to substantiate that claim.

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So Christian evidences often addresses those subjects. Others argue that proving that a god exists does not substantiate which God exists.

Evidence Of Christianity by William Paley

This question is answered upon establishing the second fundamental plank of Christian evidences. The Bible is inspired: If the Bible can be shown to have characteristics that humans could not have produced, then it will have provided internal evidence of its divine origin, and subsequently, identification of which God exists. Skeptics respond that the Bible claims certain events happened which are not plausible and which are not substantiated with geological, paleontological, or archaeological evidences e.

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