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Om boka. David Scott Cowper is the first person to sail through six out of the total seven routes of the Northwest Passage in a small boat. This is the account of the most difficult route, as told by his crew, Jane Maufe, who gives a uniquely revealing portrait of a relationship born of mutual ambition and admiration.


Avbryt Send e-post. A sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Arctic archipelago, it wasn't until Roald Amundsen's voyage that the Northwest Passage's existence was finally proved, but the transit is treacherous and entirely dependent upon the ice giving up its grip for sufficient time to allow vessels through.

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  • Les mer. Will this be a briskly played showcase of skill that ends by ? Definitely not. More like a keep-it-simple, grind-it-out, plug-along battle where the elements -- like pucks stopping or not going far enough due to a patch of snow -- could lead to the deciding goal. Intermissions are still scheduled to be the normal 18 minutes, but the game could very well run until 10 p.

    All systems are go for snowy, cold Frozen Frontier

    Is there a different strategy beyond NOT trying to to stick-handle around and past four opponents? If there really ends up being some snow build-up, then both teams very likely will try to dump the puck to the corners and use their speed to go get it, knowing it won't ring around to the trapezoid where the goalie can play it. It's also not too easy for the goalies to find the puck if it's flipped high into the air, due to the black sky.

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    Perhaps someone will try to get creative with a high flip from center that drops near the hash marks and surprises the goalie. The Amerks have already been using the high flip out of their zone to beat the Lake Erie Monsters' aggressive forecheck. What could be very important: The first goal. Whoever gets ahead may be able to use the ice conditions to their advantage.

    Polar Bound through the Northwest Passage

    Remember, if you're going to the game, dress very warm. For the Gulf spill, there were 30 permanent Coast Guard facilities within miles. At the proposed Shell site, there are none. Safety research and development: The Arctic climate presents significant threats to operational safety, exposing technical systems, personnel, equipment and the Arctic environment itself to potential disruption and harm.

    Outdoor Hockey: Frozen Frontier 2013

    Spill response: None of the companies examined in the Ceres report provided good disclosure on spill response. As destructive as the BP disaster was to both the company and the environment, it was far from a worst-case scenario. Until companies prove that they have a new approach to risk management, offshore drilling in the Arctic should not move forward.