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My host list 0. Give the gift of Workaway this Christmas. Quick Search. Current status : These practices are not very deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of the country.


Legislation : Gabon takes in nationals from countries where such practices are common, and it would therefore be wise to introduce appropriate legislation. Operational structure : not applicable. Current status : Excision and circumcision are reportedly practised in the Gambia. Infibulation is also reportedly practised on a very small percentage of women and girls.

Also special "sealing" is reportedly practised. However, the IPU has no first-hand official statistics or other details on this subject.

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Legislation : The IPU has no information on the existence of specific legislation. Operational structure : The IPU has no information on this subject. Current status : Female genital mutilation affects girls and women of certain immigrant populations. However, the IPU has no first-hand official information on this subject.

Legislation : The German Penal Code, August , states as follows:" Section Bodily Injury: 1 Whoever physically maltreats or harms the health of another person, shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine. Section Dangerous Bodily Injury: 1 Whoever commits bodily harm 1. Section Maltreatment of Wards: 1 Whoever torments or roughly maltreats or, through a malicious neglect of his duty to care for the person, harms the health of a person under eighteen years of age or a person who is defenceless due to frailty or illness, who 1. Section Serious Bodily Injury: 1 If the bodily injury has, as a result, that the injured person 1.

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Section Bodily Injury Resulting in Death: 1 If the perpetrator causes the death of the injured person through the infliction of bodily injury Sections to , then the punishment shall be imprisonment for not less than three years. Section Consent: Whoever commits bodily injury with the consent of the injured person only acts unlawfully if the act is, despite the consent, contrary to good moral. Others documents : - Resolution of the German Bundestag, in , on the proscription of genital mutilation.

The prevalence of FGM depends on the ethnic groups and is difficult to evaluate since data is not available for all groups. Legislation : - Article 26 2 of the Constitution, "All customary practices which dehumanise or are injurious to the physical and mental well-being of a person are prohibited. The Criminal Code, Act 29 as amended is further amended by the insertion after section 69 of the following: 69A. It Increases age of criminal and sexual responsibility, includes specific offence of indecent assault and revises provisions regarding sexual offences.