Gebrauchsanweisung für Schweden (German Edition)

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For some special vga effects the machinetype vgaonly can be used, note that this disables svga capabilities and might be slower due to the higher emulation precision. The machinetype affects the video card and the available sound cards. Output will be redirected to stdout.

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Same as -noautoexec, but adds config. Uses the scaler specified by "scaler". See the DOSBox configuration file for the available scalers. Similar to the -scaler parameter, but tries to force usage of the specified scaler even if it might not fit. You can specify this command more than once. In this case it will move to second program if the first one fails to start. See Section 9: "Serial Multiplayer feature.

Other people should be able to use escaped double quotes inside the double quotes. To get a list of the internal commands type "HELP" at the prompt. Sets the amount of free space available on a drive in megabytes regular drives or kilobytes floppy drives. This is a simpler version of -size. Sets the name of the drive to "drivelabel". For Windows: label is extracted from "Real Drive". If you do specify a label, this label will be kept as long as the drive is mounted. It will not be updated!! Forces use of the aspi layer.

Forces use of ioctl commands.

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Valid on all systems, under windows the -noioctl switch has to be present to make use of the -usecd switch. Enables to select the drive that should be used by SDL.

Antje Rávic Strubel

See the information at the -usecd entry above. The same is true for mounting the root of any other drive, except for CD-ROMs due to their read-only nature. Otherwise if you or DOSBox make a mistake you may lose all your files. You should always install your game inside DOSBox.

So if you have the game on CD you always even after installation! MOUNT also works with images but only if you use external program, for example both are free :.

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It can save the current settings and language strings to disk. Information about all possible sections and properties can be found in Section "The configuration options file". Write the current configuration settings to a file in a specified location. The configuration file controls various settings of DOSBox: the amount of emulated memory, the emulated sound cards and many more things. BAT as well. See Section "The configuration options file" for more information. Write the current language settings to a file in a specified location.

The language file controls all visible output of the internal commands and the internal DOS.