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Second, WhatsApp groups have no way of organising messages about patients in any sensible logical order.

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The other issue is that there is no way of separating personal WhatsApp chats with confidential conversations about patients — so doctors could have messages to their families mixed in among patient information. Yarlott warns that this has the potential to be really dangerous.

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With WhatsApp being seen as a sort of sticking plaster to the communication problem, in true doctor fashion, Yarlott started concocting a cure. With the help of a team of technologists, she has built a secure instant messaging service called Forward Health designed for doctors, nurses, midwives, and other clinicians. Through the app, NHS staff can search by name or role in a hospital or clinic, share patient notes and photos, with everyone working off the same list. On average, the app saves each clinician 43 minutes per shift, which is time that would usually be wasted waiting for a colleague to call them back.

It means that doctors can access the info they need anywhere in the hospital, ultimately allowing them to move away from paper notes.

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People who work in the NHS should feel like they have a choice or some autonomy about the tools that they use. There are ways to help people do their jobs more efficiently, so ultimately they get more time with their patients. The scope of the Forward software goes even further.

More succinct communication between specialists working in different fields of the healthcare system could prevent patients from being readmitted, and ultimately free up hospital beds. Readmittance is a huge problem, particularly among elderly patients.

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Yarlott explains that before a patient is discharged, the doctor, physio, and occupational therapist need to get together and have a discussion in order to coordinate their transition out of hospital back to their home. Yarlott would also like to see her app used to connect healthcare professionals with patients.

I really believe in democratisation of healthcare. While bringing NHS tech into the modern era is vital, the organisation is such a vast and complex web that updating the system is painfully difficult — not to mention the fact that trusts tend to make standalone decisions, rather than learning from each other.

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  • But Yarlott clearly has her finger on the pulse, and her business is already making a difference. City A.

    These views are not necessarily shared by City A. Generic selectors. When people enter into programs like these as patients, the doctors are able to track the results, and see how they help patients. ParkRx is a US program, but many countries around the world are beginning to use nature and park prescriptions as part of their health care practices. Though Sunday is National ParkRx day, clearly the organizers want people to visit parks and get out into nature more than just once.

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    • Most news on NewsForKids. When there is news that may not be suitable for all ages, we try to tag it. You can use the setting below to control whether content tagged in this manner is shown. Making the effort to get out into nature gets people moving and exercising more. Source: National Park Service , via Flickr. There are studies showing that spending time in forests helps the body protect itself from diseases.

      Source: Virginia State Parks , via Flickr.

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      It can also bring lonely people into contact with others and help them feel connected. ParkRx began when health care workers and people from parks decided to work together on a health program. In this case, the medicine is a park.