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O: Overall a nice little gose. Nothing fancy, but good flavor and easy drinking with a tart bite. Great summer beer. Good retention. Sour, slightly funky nose, featuring lime, melon, milk, and must. Something else not quite identifiable. Very, very tart on the palate, with tons of very nice, organic key lime flavor! The gose sourness is really overwhelmed by the limes, and the salt is similarly present but overshadowed.

Very light and natural sweetness. Moderately puckering, smooth, oily, and lively. Drinks bigger than a 4. This is a very nice and refreshing beer! Slightly cloudy, straw colored body. Thin fizzy head upon pouring disappears, leaving a couple of islands and a thin ring. No lacing.

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Aroma is lime tart, with a whiff of salinity. Taste is tart, veering toward sour, with lime, and some minor salinity. Medium mouth feel. Good carbonation. Sour refresher with strong lime flavors and the addition of salt. Tart and salty, and refreshing. I mean, you could just poor lime into your beer and it might come out the same. This was pretty good, but not complex in any way.

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It is salty, sour lime and that's about it. It was pretty tastey though. Poured with a tall, soapy, bright white foam moderate retention. Aromas of fresh lime rinds and light wheat malt. Light bodied with high carbonation. Tart, puckering lime flavors right out of the gate that allow wheat malt and saltiness to peak through as the tartness tapers. Tart, crisp, flavorful and easy drinking for those that enjoy the style. The aroma features mild malts and strong tart flavors, with notes of both lime juice and lime peel.

The flavor is bright and clear, with loads of fresh lime flavor, and a solid hit of salt on the finish. The mouthfeel is light, with bright carbonation.

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Overall this is a superb, bold, refreshing sour. LVery pale golden color. Somewhat hazy. A pure white head faded to a cap very quickly and left minimal lacing. Very tart. Heavy lime aroma. You can tell it's a sour.

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First sip was very salty. Succeeding sips were less so. FA considerable amount of pucker. Otherwise light and appropriate for summer. OVery nice flavored sour. Exactly as advertised. Wish I bought more.

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  • One finger of tight packed bubbles that crackle away forming a nice white head. Sweet white bread, Kings Hawaiian Bread on the nose. Also picking up lots of lime! Really like the lime smell I get. Smells like a piece of key lime pie! Taste is very tart and sour on tons of lime! Very nice saltiness that pops up front.

    Mouth is somewhat sticky but light and crisp on the finish. The tartness on the back end of the mouth makes you dive in for another sip. Loving it! I love a quality Gose style bier and that is exactly what you are getting here! The lime is crushing it and that saltiness goes so well. On the flavor the key lime pie does not really follow the smell. While I get key lime on the nose the flavor is more like a salted lime you are going to suck down with a tequila shot. Now that might be something fun to try with this one, a shot and a Gose together?

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    Did exactly what it was supposed to do and what I needed. Very enjoyable. Pale straw and cloudy in its appearance, Limey Gose sheds a white and racy froth that eventually succumbs to the acidity within. Radiant aromas of lime leads the way along with a backdrop of citrus, cider, wine and dough. That doughy character carries onto the tongue with the sweetness of pastry, tartlet, saltwater taffy and sourdough. The middle palate shows a recession of both sweetness and breadiness in favor for the growth of acidity that easily erases the thirst from the mouth, laying tracks of bold lime, green apple, lemon, gooseberry, white grape and an aura of under ripened orange in its wake.

    Shy on bitterness, the ale allows the tartness to govern its balance while a late palate of mild salinity gives the flavors roundness and pulls the various flavor components together. Refresh and try again.

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      Child of a liaison between an aristocrat and chauffeur, Vivien grows up wild in pre-WWII rural England until sent to a convent for discipline. Time is also spent with her grandmother, as her mother works undercover for England. While training for nursing and tending casualties during WWII, she meets the American doctor she will marry. Life is stormy, but exciting in Child of a liaison between an aristocrat and chauffeur, Vivien grows up wild in pre-WWII rural England until sent to a convent for discipline.

      Life is stormy, but exciting in America; raising a family and a modeling career, yet driven towards suicide by tensions in her tumultuous marriage. Liberated by remarriage and artistic passions given free reign, she zealously immerses herself in altruistic endeavors, including volunteer service in Israel. Get A Copy.