Man In the Middle: Journey On the 3,100-Mile Continental Divide Trail

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Why not make the best of the journey? They provide trail access info, colorful pictures, and trivia.

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They are of limited use for the long-distance hiker, however. They are already a decade or more old as well. They are not as widely used in previous years. Many other useful links and resources found, here, too. Easily downloaded to a smart device. For Android only at this time. Reports are very good. Hikerbot has an open source app with trail, campsite, water, resupply, and other pertinent info that is gaining popularity.

The app is free and the data is freely available to anyone under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3. For Android platforms at this time. From which direction to travel, navigation and safety resources and a comprehensive resupply chart this guide provides a solid foundation for planning a CDT trip. They are also from an org that no longer exists. Most people take a mix of the above. The challenges of re-supply are about as difficult as the PCT. About days between re-supply. If you are not overly picky, you can re-supply just about anywhere. The hybrid approach buy groceries in a large town and ship out to a smaller town works well, too.

Also, new commercial enterprises are mailing out food, gear, and other sundries to hikers. They regularly post on forums and Facebook advertising their services. Some hikers are using Amazon Pantry Service or the Walmart equivalent, too. You are not at top of the food chain! Luckily, grizzly bears will not bother you for the most part. In Glacier and Yellowstone, bear poles are set up for your use. Some hiker take bear spray as a precaution.

Whether you take bear spray or not is an individual decision. No hanging needed. Less bulky and lighter than a bear canister. But, again, no worse than parts of the PCT. If going southbound, an ice axe and possibly crampons may be needed for similar reasons if attempting the High Line trail in Glacier National Park. Please note that there are lower, if less scenic, alternatives for the high routes.

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Should help with planning. There is no such thing as an easy hike of the CDT! When going SoBo, you may run into too much snow in Glacier and winter can come early to the San Juans. In some years, as much as three feet of snow was dumped in the San Juans by mid-September.

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A good two weeks early! In other years? No major snowstorms have come to the Colorado Rockies even by November. Another option is to flip. My fellow Coloradoan Sidewinder chose to flip. He missed much of the snow the SoBos ran into in Fall The disadvantage of this method is that you lose the feel of a continuous journey. Or is this your first long hike and buying all new lightweight gear?

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Do you live in Denver with relatively easy and cheap transport up and down from either termini or are you coming from Boston and need to get some expensive flights to and from each terminus or a long ass bus ride! This figure includes food, town stops, and some typical gear replacements shoes and socks come immediately to mind.

  1. Barefoot hiker bags Continental Divide Trail.
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These figures are for a middle of the road hike. People who want more luxurious accommodations vs hostels, take side trips with car rentals Hey! And, as always, I am sure there are exceptions. A thru-hike can be a wonderful journey. Something romantic about putting on a pack, and walking the length of the country on your own power, grit and resolve. But, that is not an option for everyone. Financial obligations, family, job, etc. So, much like hiking on the Appalachian Trail, section hiking the Continental Divide Trail can be a viable option. Unlike the Appalachian Trail, section hiking the Continental Divide Trail is logistically more difficult.

Most hikers who section hike the CDT, hike in larger chunks of 2 or 3 months each rather than say the weeks of section hiking the AT. There are more logistical challenges, but not as bad as it may seem if hiking larger chunks. No alcohol, no Esbit or campfires basically.

Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado) Backpacking - Grand Lake CDT Loop - September 2016

Please see this doc I wrote earlier for more information. Please pay attention to the stove bans. There is no master permit such as the one for the Pacific Crest Trail. A backpacker needs to have a permit for each of the National Parks and certain wilderness areas. Folks in the past have not gotten a permit because the BLM is supposed to have an easement through state lands.

If you have already applied for the permit directly through the state land office you can disregard this email. Your permit will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

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Though not as difficult in terms of logistics as the PCT concerning dogs due to legal reasons, there are similar challenges. The national parks do not allow dogs, and a kennel option or alternate route will need to be explored. Extremes in the environment also factor in. The CDTS typically defines a route that is sometimes more hiker oriented more scenic, sometimes off the beaten path, not always horse accessible and produces a set of guidebooks. In his injury department, Murray had to take one break when a sharp rock cut his foot, and another when a fall stubbed two toes hard enough he felt he might have broken them.

Otherwise, my feet just flex over the rocks. More conventional CDT hikers report wearing out three or four pairs of footwear during their treks. They also spend more time in snow, which requires packing snowshoes and enduring wet boots. Murray figured the trade-off was worth it. To keep his feet in shape off season, he hiked hundreds of miles in the Nevada desert, where he has a winter home. Stay off the feet for a while. Barefoot hiker bags Continental Divide Trail. Biggers, Ashley. Rocky Mountain News.

Continental Divide Trail

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