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When he arrived there and was settled, he had a closer look at his strange haul. He saw the key ring had a Dunnes Stores loyalty card on it. Even though it had clearly been in the muddy reservoir for at least several months, he was able to make out the membership number on it. That was a break for him and presented the possibility of him reuniting the item, or items, with the owner.

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He immediately rang the retailer, asking for details of who owned the card. He was then given a name and address. He asked them to check the details of the person mentioned by the Dunnes worker. The reply was almost instant. A year-old lady of that name and address had been declared missing in August , 13 months earlier.

In an instant everything changed. His find went from benign lost property to belonging to someone who had vanished without trace more than a year earlier. He immediately rang his sergeant and superintendent. They had been contacted by their colleagues from Tallaght after the discovery of the remains in Killakee on the 13th.

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By the following day, gardai knew the bones belonged to a woman, who was most likely in her 30s. Anthropologist Lauren Buckley also told gardai in Rathfarnham, the nearest Garda Station to the site where the find was made, that the remains had been there for at least a year, no more than two. They had told him there was a possibility that the remains were those of Elaine, and that he should prepare for the worst. An analysis of the teeth on the lower jawbone at Killakee had established beyond doubt that the remains were those of Elaine.

The answer was obvious: someone else had put them there. Someone else was involved in her death. This was no accident. It was time to look into her background. That background, it would soon become clear, would throw up no shortage of evidence to help officers in their quest — and would lead to a court case that captivated the nation for weeks on end.

Like many runners, he had his own favourite route, one that he chose to cover regularly. His was a route around Shanganagh Park in Shankill, south Dublin.

At exactly 5. Around five minutes later, a woman stopped him and asked for directions to a railway bridge in the park. The bridge is obscured by an incline in the park, so you would only have known about it if you were familiar with the area. She had taken the direct route he had suggested, but he had been on his longer running route, so she had reached the spot first.

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She was walking towards the seafront. A few days later, he was back running at the park when gardai approached him. They showed him a photograph of a woman and asked if he had seen her around in recent days. He said no. A medical marijuana law passed in , meanwhile, heralded an influx of profiteers. By April , he had reported him missing and grown frustrated with police. It becomes the first of many solid leads that, when reported to police, seem to matter maddeningly little, for reasons never wholly clear.

For his part, Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey insists his force was simply overwhelmed with homicide cases that took precedence over missing persons cases. Yet months go by without investigation from police. Officers question the suspect in his hospital bed—not about Garret, but about the men who intimidated him, then let him go. To its credit, the series casts a humanizing lens on all its subjects, whether they abide by the law or not. It also surveys the pros and cons of marijuana legalization up to the present day, shedding necessary light on the often crushing burdens of going legal—the permit fees, taxes, and regulations that stack up to tens of thousands of dollars, forcing droves of small, family-owned farms out of business.

Netflix’s ‘Murder Mountain’: Where Marijuana Can Kill

The Hearsay rule prevents us from presenting out-of-court statements to be brought into court for consideration by a judge or jury. Witnesses have to testify in court and law enforcement cannot provide a jury or a judge information that was provided through a third party or rumor.

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We cannot rely on hearsay to successfully prosecute any felony case. We need independent evidence that proves the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Of Death And Weed On 'Murder Mountain'

Just because we have reasonable suspicion or probable cause does not necessarily mean that we will make an arrest and attempt to persuade the District Attorney to prosecute. If the Sheriff and the District Attorney present limited facts and evidence in a jury trial that does not prove our case beyond a reasonable doubt, a defendant could be found NOT Guilty and then double jeopardy prevents us from bringing the case to trial when and if more evidence is discovered.

Thereby making it so that true justice can never happen. The FBI is working alongside us on the this case and they attempted to get a case to be reviewed and filed as a Federal case by the United States Attorney out of San Francisco. The United States Attorney also would not file on this case because of the lack of evidence.

Our deputies often work in a rural areas where backup may be a half hour or more away. Additionally, being in such a rural county, many community members own firearms and legally carry.