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Real reasons a Pug eats poop:. A Pug may be feed plenty of food and seem full; yet the body will be lacking something. Canine instinct causes him to search for it. When a low or moderate quality food is fed, it is comprised of a certain amount of fillers. Fillers are non-food ingredients that are not digestible. They have no nutritional value and are not absorbed by the body. They pass right through and end up in a dog's stools. There are also veterinarians that surmise that a dog's digestive system cannot properly handle today's lower protein manufactured foods, are in need for more vitamin B or are overfed, leading to stools that are still packed with protein as the matter has not been fully digested.

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The bottom line is that for many Pugs that continually attempt to ingest feces, owners will want to reexamine what is being fed as both main meals and as snacks. Choosing a high quality food as the the main diet along with healthy snacks can go a long way in keeping a Pug satisfied enough that he will stop looking to feces as a food and nutrient source.

Owners may also wish to speak with the vet regarding a daily vitamin and mineral supplement. Some animal specialists believe that if a puppy has access to feces and out of curiosity eats it The latter is ironic since eating feces can cause parasites and having parasites can cause a dog to eat feces. How to Stop a Pug from Eating Poop. There are a few ways to discourage a Pug from eating feces. Since it can cause parasites and other health problems, it is always recommended to have the puppy or dog brought in for a full physical to catch any possible effects.

Once he is cleared of possible concerns, you can direct your attention to preventing it from happening again. Be sure that all household members are on the same page in regard to what is given to the Pug and the feeding schedule. Stress from being alone coupled with boredom may cause a Pug to feces while isolated. When owners will be gone for the day, it can help to devote more time in the morning to bathroom needs. The biggest mistake is not giving a dog enough time. Some Pugs need up to 15 minutes for bowel muscles to relax enough to release what they have been holding in all night.

Those seconds can seem like forever and owners may rush back in right before a Pug has a chance to do the deed. It will not help to tell a dog to 'Go'. Rather, owners can stand or sit in an outdoor chair in the middle of the designated area with the Pug on a 6 foot leash. Read, email, tweet or surf while your Pug has time to find the right spot and eliminate. Even if you have what appears to be a secure fenced in area, too many things can go wrong if your leave your Pug dog outside alone.

Check with your Vet to find out if it is alright. If you decide to go directly to training him to pee outside with your Vet's permission, then check out the article that I have linked below. I recommend following the "Crate Training" method to make the process to faster and to minimize the number of accidents. Follow either the "Exercise Pen" method or the "Crate Training" method. Don't skip any steps or it may not be as effective. Also, since you wish to train him to go potty outside later, then I highly recommend not using pee pads.

Many puppies will have accidents on carpet, rugs, and other fabric type material once pee pads are removed, and since you want to remove them eventually, you will want to avoid that. The article below mentions using a litter box. You can use that, or I highly recommend using disposable living grass pads. These are pads with real grass grown on them. Each one is advertised to last two weeks.

Using real grass should help Blake transition to peeing outside more easily. I also recommend keeping the grass pad inside of an "Exercise Pen", even if you are using the "Crate Training" method, so that he associates the pad with a designated toilet area, the exercise pen, and not being allowed to pee in the middle of a room on something. If you are using the "Crate Training" method, or he is ready for more freedom using the "Exercise Pen method, then you can simply leave the door to the exercise pen open, for him to be able to go to it as needed. The "Exercise Pen" method mentions phasing out the pen, but in your case you will keep it and then transition him to going potty outside.

Laura is 4 years old. She just arrived at her new home with us 2 days ago. She comes from another owner where his home offered her a big yard for playing and potty time. Now, she is with us and we live in a small apartment with a balcony. She only wants to poop on the grass. But 1. Is that possible? Even though she was under the same routine for 4 years? Hello Bruna, I suggest using a real grass pad to train her to pee on your balcony. These pads are made from real grass, are disposable, and are advertised to last for a couple of weeks each.

They are more expensive than pee pads but each one lasts a lot longer. Using real grass you should be able to train her to pee on the balcony. As first, you might need to make a larger grass area out of four pads so that it will resemble a yard, but once she gets used to peeing in that location, then you can remove the extra pads and use just one. Using this type of material should maintain her potty training in the house.

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If you switch to pee pads, because they are made of fabric, you run the risk of her learning to also pee on carpets and rugs inside. Since you will be taking her to your balcony and not doing the training inside, you chance of that happening is decreased, but using a real grass pad should ensure that you do not run into that problem at all. Below is a link to a real grass pad. Some of them come pre-scented with a spray that encourages elimination there.

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If you buy one that does not have that, then you can also purchase a potty encouraging spray to spray on the pad to further encourage her to go potty there. When she begins to understand what "Go Potty" means, then set up your grass pad area on the balcony. Take her there on leash like you would outside, tell her to "Go Potty", give her time to sniff the area, and when she goes reward her with several treats, one treat at a time.

Do not skip the treats because that will help her learn that the balcony is now an acceptable place to go potty. If she will not go potty there even after several attempts, then crate her for five hours, put a leash on her, and quickly rush her to the grass pad area on the balcony. Tell her to "Go Potty" and reward her if she goes on the grass pad. If she does not go, then take her back inside after ten minutes of encouraging her to sniff the pad, place her back into the crate for an hour, and try again after an hour.

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Repeat this every hours until her bladder gets full enough that she will go when you take her. When you know her bladder is very full, then hurry her from the crate to the balcony so that she does not have an accident on the way. You can even open the door to the balcony beforehand to make the trip faster.

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The grass pads will by far be the easiest transition for her, but another good option is to litter box train her and place a litter box on the balcony. Simply keep the lid on the box if the balcony is uncovered, to protect against rain. Take the lid off whenever you take her to go potty, since dogs typically need litter boxes to be unenclosed, with the lids off, to pee in them. Our family dog Choppy lives with us inside a house with no yard space.

We weren't allowed to walk him outside because we are children so he never learned to use the bathroom except for the old garage inside the house. We didn't have a car so the garage is all for him. This past year whenever he is upset with us e. We didnt give him food from the table, we weren't home at night, we didn't let him play with the dog from upstairs he would poop on the hallways surrounding the garage.

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  • Usually we just clean it up and ignore him but it has been going on and on and on and i just had enough. Today, at 6 am i woke up and swept the poop and brushed the pee we also clean it with bleach to mask the smell; hasn't worked, so far. Then at 1 pm i come home to MORE poop and pee, i swept it and ignored him. So i calmly gave him attention again and tried to call him downstairs to the hallway and he hides under the table when he sees me looking at the poop and pee.

    Anyway, i decided to leave him near his designated poop area For a night he has food, space, and water. Should i not have done that? Hello Selena, First, any remaining poop and pee smell where he had the accidents in the past will encourage him to use the bathroom in the same spots again, especially since the only thing that makes the garage floor very different from the hard floor in the house is the smell of his pee and poop in the garage from before. Bleach will NOT remove the smell. Some pet specific sprays, like nature's miracle, will say on the bottle that it contains enzymes.

    Look for somewhere on the bottle that says enzymes. Use a spray that contains enzymes to remove the smell on the entire area that he has had poop and pee accidents at before. Second, if he pooped three or more times in one day, he may actually have an upset stomach right now. Keep an eye on how soft and frequent his poop is to see if his stomach is upset.

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    It could also be a sign of anxiety. If he has an upset stomach, then the pooping is not on purpose. He can't help it until his digestive system is better again. Eating some type of people food, a new brand of dog food, or having worms are common causes for an upset stomach.