The Goose Who Thought He Was A Chicken

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The dogs responded every time to the geese when they would honk. When the dogs would bark at something before the geese noticed it, they would start honking. Getting Along.

They seemed to like trying to chase and grab me with their bills. But this was not the case. They wanted to be the boss over me.

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One day, my daughter handed me a book that she had written just for me. They seemed to adore her but not me. The truth was shocking to me. But really, I did not have time to sit and read to my geese. Apparently, they were hurt and upset that I stopped spending the time with them that I used to when they lived in the stock tank in our house. Christmas Goose. In December, a few days before Christmas an elderly neighbor couple called me and asked if I lost a goose. They said a stray and hungry looking goose was hanging around their house.

Little Red Hen

Our geese were accounted for so I told them that and I thought that was the end of it. A couple of days later, a stray goose walked up our road. It was a Chinese goose, though not white like our two. I assumed it was the same one that they had called about. It was skinny and looking hungry, trying to forage for grass under the snow. Feeling bad for the goose, I tried to get him to come in to our yard. But when I got close he flew away. He flew higher and further than I realized Chinese Geese could fly. I wondered why ours never flew like that. But this one was very skinny and lightweight so that may have been the reason.

They were tightly bonded as one flock to our dogs. That same day, the stray goose came back.

kill the goose that lays the golden egg(s)

This time I coaxed him in our front yard with a bowl of water and geese food. He ate heartily and sat by our front steps. Around 11 p. By morning I opened the greenhouse door and sure enough our two geese came to investigate. Later that day I let the goose go in our back yard with our geese.

He fit right in from the moment they met. I called neighbors and put a notice on Facebook about the lost goose. No one claimed him nor knew of anyone that had this type of goose in our area. He has been here ever since.

Never trying to fly away. And thankfully, Chris likes me. A lot. Chris became a buddy to the dogs too. And I think he helped the other geese to see I was pretty cool. The geese have taught me that some relationships take patience. They also taught me that geese are incredibly smart. Geese have a lot of body language going on and calls, that I was never aware of until geese joined our farm.

They also taught me that they have a lot to give back to our farm as guardians. I feel like with our donkey, the guardian dogs and now the geese, nothing is stepping on our land without me knowing about it.

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I also learned that geese are too pushy to be housed with the ducks. And that they are timid around the chickens.

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  • So they go into the chicken pen at night with the chickens. During the day the geese, chickens and ducks all forage in the same large fenced backyard, but the ducks keep their distance. Looking To The Future. That we shall see. For now, I still watch my backside when I walk by them. Though they are much better since Chris arrived, they still like to surprise me once in awhile with a little nip.

    Meet Cuthbert, the goose that laid the golden TikTok

    When a mutual friend told me that Chonko intended to raise some geese for foie gras, I was surprised. Compared to the quagmire of complicated ethics at conventional poultry farms, Grassroots Farms is basically a paradise. Why would he try his hand at the most ethically fraught farming imaginable? In the course of our conversation, I almost forgot we were talking about foie gras. Chonko made the experiment sound simple, even kind of fun. Yeah, he'd bought some geese for foie gras, but they were going to live a good life, grazing out on his pastures for six months while they grew and fattened.

    Then for last two weeks of their life, he'd build a pen — not too big and not too small — and feed them with a funnel a couple of times a day. Like any well-plotted adventure, he entered it with some contingency plans. I shut it down and I just have Christmas geese to sell. On the other hand, if I feel good about the process and it works, then I have Christmas geese and foie gras to sell.

    I wondered aloud if he would really want a reporter around for this. I mentioned that I knew of a foie gras farm in Tennessee that basically avoided all possible attention or coverage, a farm whose very existence seemed closer to a rumor than a reality. I tried to contact them for this story. Unsurprisingly, I got no response. Chonko insisted that he wanted the opposite, that he welcomed outside eyes. He told me that he'd be inviting some of the chefs who buy from him to come see the gavage and maybe even help with the slaughter, and that he would be happy to have a reporter come to watch.

    To his mind, my presence would be like an audit, proof that there would be no reason for anyone to be unsure about the process. His confidence in all of this seemed to be bolstered by a video he'd seen online , which he later showed to me. In it, a French woman enters a stone barn that seems ancient, much older than her. She sits on a wooden chair in a fenced-in pen of about two dozen ducks, who seem to know the drill.

    They waddle into a corner of the pen and she closes them in with a light wooden fence.

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    Then, one by one, she takes each bird by the neck, slides the funnel in its beak and down its throat, and releases a load of corn. She rubs the duck on the neck gently while the corn goes down, removes the funnel, and then the bird waddles off. That's it. The whole process is over in seconds.